Melissa Novock (she/her)

Melissa Novock (she/her)

Victim Specialist

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Melissa Novock is currently a Victim Specialist with the FBI.  She primarily works with the VCAC squad (Violent Crimes Against Children) and handles human trafficking cases across southeastern Michigan.  Her history of working with survivors of human trafficking includes both Detroit and New York City.  Before joining the FBI, Ms. Novock was the Human Trafficking Director of Programs and Services at WC SAFE.  In New York City she worked for the Center for Court Innovation as the Prostitution Diversion Coordinator (in the Bronx) where she assisted with developing the Human Trafficking Court Part designated to provided ATI services for survivors.  She has worked with victims/ survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and human trafficking for over twenty years.  The span and context of working with survivors includes the criminal justice system,  the legal system,  the medical/health care system and various not-for-profit organizations.  She is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, and the University of Detroit Law School.

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