Lisa Goyette (she/her)

Lisa Goyette (she/her)

President; Co-Founder
Celebrate Hope

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Lisa Goyette and John Ball are Co-Founders of Celebrate Hope LLC which partners with school districts to help parents and educators who are helping kids with unique and special needs. As parents of kids on the spectrum and Goyette with a son in the trans community, Celebrate Hope LLC was birthed out of the love for their children along with the desire to fill pockets of need that were not available when their children were struggling.  Goyette and Ball have trained, coached and supported thousands of people and served as keynote speakers in schools throughout Michigan and beyond. They are certified in the areas of: Social and Emotional Intelligence; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Trauma. Goyette holds a degree in Social Work and Ball holds degrees in Tool Design, Marketing and Sociology.  They pride themselves on creating safe spaces for vulnerability and trust to be established to help people move through their pain to find places of joy and hope. 

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