"Gender Queer" 

Graphic Novel: 

Behind the Scenes

On October 19 at 7:30 ET, Maia Kobabe (e/em/eir), author/illustrator of GENDER QUEER: A MEMOIR (Oni Press, 2019) will present on eir process writing and drawing the book, working with an editor and the book's reception. E will show slides of early draft artwork, do a short reading, and take audience questions.

National Coming Out Day!

Join Niko Stone (they/them), S'Nyiah Tate (she/her) and other panelists on October 11 at 6pm ET for National Coming Out Day as they take the mic and share their coming out stories! 

Q&A with 

Medical Professionals

Dr. Shumer (he/him) , Dr. Garcia-Rodriguez (she/her), Dr. Wilkins (he/him) and other medical professionals will present and do Q&A on topics such as hormone access and hormone blockers, facial feminization surgery, top surgery and more!

Historical Trauma and the Two-Spirit Identity 

Clinical Social Worker, Bridie Johnson (she/they) of the Canadian Chippewa of the Garden River First Nations will present on the erasure of two-spirit identity in Indigenous culture through the lens of Catholicism, Christianization, genocide and colonization.

Parent/Caregiver Mental Health Series

Trans Empowerment Month is featuring a three part caregiver education series with Dr. Sebastian Barr (he/him) , Lisa Goyette (she/her), John Ball (he/him), and Dr. Melissa Farrell (she/they) who will present on mental health signs & symptoms, tools to support caregivers through their child's transition and tips for when a child comes out to family.

Coming Soon

This event is not live yet.